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  1. Pack an overnight bag with the essentials - clothes, toiletries, medications, etc.
  2. Pack the things you need first in clear containers
  3. Wrap breakables in clothing, it saves on bubblewrap
  4. Pack glasses and stemwear in clean socks
  5. Label boxes with room and contents - labeling everything "kitchen" doesn't help
  6. Put extra cotton in cosmetics to prevent breakage
  7. Cover open containers with plastic wrap under lips to reduce spillage
  8. Pack plates on end to reduce chances of breakage
  9. Put mounting screws, etc in labeled zip-lock bags
  10. Take a picture of where wires plug into electronics, it will make setting up easier
  11. Make suitcases and baskets work for you, fill them when packing
  12. Slide a trashbag up over clothes while they are hanging
  13. Take pictures of where you are leaving and when you arrive before moving in
  14. Put in a change of address with post office
  15. Empty fridge and freezer a day before and unplug it